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Where can I purchase StyleCraft cabinets?

Currently StyleCraft has designers and dealers on the East Coast and in Dallas, TX.  Please contact us for someone near you - or (717) 445-6270.


Does StyleCraft sell direct?

No, we do not sell direct.  Please contact us for a dealer in your area.

Cleaning the Counter

How do I clean my cabinets?

We recommend warm water, a soft rag, and a mild cleaning agent such as Spic and Span or Murphy's Oil Soap.

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How do I become an authorized StyleCraft Dealer?

Please contact our office to find out more.


Can I visit the factory to see the process?

Absolutely!  We welcome anyone looking to purchase StyleCraft cabinets to tour our plant.  Please contact your dealer to arrange an appointment.


How do I get replacement parts for my StyleCraft cabinets?

Please contact your original dealer for replacement parts.

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